I love my life, but I sure didn’t expect to be living it. I dated and dated and dated and dated. Duds. All of them. One friend admitted that she thought I’d be single forever.

And then, I met my husband. Yay! We got pregnant the week we were married. Yay and Yikes!

I took a year off from my job as an elementary school librarian when my daughter was born. Being home with her was wonderful. I’d been teaching for 12 years and was ready for a change. It was supposed to be a one year break. I started back to work the following fall.

I was a stressed out, unhappy, exhausted mess. My husband and I talked, looked at finances, and decided I would stay home. It has been the best decision. I’m so glad I get to devote my time to my daughter and my home.

This blog is my way to share my journey with you. Teaching turned out to be great practice for having a child of my own. Keeping organized and energized while teaching 700 kids a week really helped prepare me for managing a toddler and a household. I’ve always loved to craft, cook and create.

So, welcome to Sorta Simple Mom. I try to keep life simple. But since I can’t always manage that, I’m content for life to be sorta simple.