Babies can’t use bottles forever. The American Dental Association suggests weaning off the bottle and using sippy cups by age 1. This helps curb what they call Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. Read more about it here.

Time to purchase some sippy cups. But which are the best sippy cups? What is the best sippy cup for a 6 month old or the best sippy cup for a toddler? How many sippy cups do you need?

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Sippy Cup Basics

How Many Do You Need

You don’t need a mountain of sippy cups. One for water, one for milk, one for the diaper bag. I do a quick wash in soapy water each day (twice a day for the milk cup – once after each use). 30 seconds at the sink means I don’t need a dozen cups. Less cup clutter – Yay!!!

What About Leaks?

So here’s the thing about sippy cups. They all leak.

Even the best sippy cups leak. Spend a small fortune on a sippy cup and it will still leak.

Forget about finding a leak-proof sippy cup and focus on the best sippy cup for your child at each stage of her development.

Best First Sippy Cup

I formula fed my daughter and used Avent bottles. So when I saw these sippy cups I knew it was the right place to start.

Philips Avent My Little Sippy Cup

Why I Love This Cup

  • Soft-grip handles that are easy for baby to hold
  • You can use either nipples or the provided soft spouts. This is great for bottle fed babies to get used to cup handles while still using a nipple they know.
  • They are just 3 pieces. Super easy to take apart and wash.
  • The provided cap keeps the spout top clean in the diaper bag.

Somewhere between 6 months and 12 months its time to offer your baby a sippy cup. Remember that babies under 6 months old should not have water.

Your baby will probably play with her first sippy cup more than she drinks from it. That’s good! Play is how babies learn.

How It Leaks

These cups have soft spouts. So when you squeeze the nipple or the spout, out comes the liquid. That’s how you drink from the cup in the first place.

It also comes out when your little person shakes the cup really hard. Overall they don’t leak much.

Best Sippy Cup for Toddlers

Once your little person has learned how to drink from a small sippy cup, its time to move on to bigger ones.

Nuby 2-Pack Two-Handle No-Spill Super Spout Grip N’ Sip Cups

Why I Love This Cup

  • The handles make it easy for toddlers to hold on to the cup.
  • Soft spout to make drinking easy
  • They are just 3 pieces. Super easy to take apart and wash.

How It Leaks

In general this cup does a really good job of keeping in the liquids. No leaks at all with basic use. The problem comes in when your toddler learns that if you turn the cup upside down and push the spout into the table…water comes out!

Best Straw Sippy Cup

Sippy cups with straws can be totally confusing for toddlers. Cups without straws have to be tipped up to drink from. Straw cups have to be held down to get the water. Weighted straw cups let the straw stay in the water no matter how your toddler holds the cup.

I wasn’t too interested in straw cups until I needed a sippy cup for the diaper bag. Straw cups often have flip top lids that keep liquids from getting all over your bag.

Nuby 2-Pack No-Spill Flip-It Cups

Why I Love This Cup

  • Great flip top for keeping the straw covered and no leaks in the diaper bag
  • My daughter finds it really easy to drink from as does her 6 month younger friend who often steals this cup.
  • The straw comes apart into 3 pieces. They fit together pretty easily and aren’t too hard to get apart for cleaning.

How It Leaks

It does not leak at all when the cup’s lid is closed. It actually doesn’t leak at all with regular use. Toddlers like to mess around with their cups though. Mine has learned to squeeze the end of the straw and turn the cup upside down to get the water on the floor. Lately she’s into flicking the straw to spray water around too.

I personally don’t put milk in straw cups. This straw cup cleans easily, but it takes a little bit more time than non-straw cups. I want easy fast milk cup cleaning.

Best Sippy Cup For Milk

I can handle a sippy cup leaking water. Generally its an easy clean up or I ignore it and let it dry. I hate leaking milk. If you miss cleaning it up it smells and gets sticky.

This cup does the best job I’ve ever seen of keeping milk from leaking.

Why I Love This Cup

  • It has this awesome valve. Your child will sound a bit like a warthog sucking milk through this valve. Who cares so long as the milk doesn’t leak.
  • The sides are ribbed which makes for easy gripping.
  • There are only 3 pieces for easy cleaning.
  • You can buy replacement valves.
  • The hard spout means kids can’t bite it off. Or pinch it to get the milk to drip out.

How It Leaks

It almost doesn’t leak at all. A little bit of milk ends up between the valve and the three holes in the spout. So occasionally a few drops of milk come out. Your kid can shake this cup all she wants and no more than a few drops of milk will escape.

What About 360 Cups?

Some people swear by 360 cups. They are designed by dentists to allow drinking from anywhere around the rim. Gentle pressure on the rim allows liquid out. The rim seals as soon as the pressure is released.

Sounds good right? The part no one tells you is that when the cup tips over there is a splat. A big, wet, splat. Tip it on the table or drop it on the floor and there will be a splat. I HATE the splat.

I learned this by owning a 360 cup. Sometimes I still use the 360 cup, but only with water.

Get Sipping!

Some kids take longer than others to use a sippy cup. Plenty of kids don’t want to give up their comforting bottles. That’s okay! Start offering a cup around 6 months to get baby used to this fun new toy. Show her how it works; she’ll get there.

Kids are programmed to eat and drink what they need. If you flat out stop offering a bottle and a sippy cup is all that’s available…they’ll drink from it. They may make you crazy while they try to hold out for their bottle to come back, but eventually they’ll do it. No one goes to college drinking solely from a bottle.

Hang tough mamas!


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