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Morning sickness symptoms are hateful.

Stupid hormones.

Yes, I know those hormones were making my baby grow big and strong and healthy.  

But they were also torturing me. I never regretted getting pregnant.  I just wished I didn’t have to be conscious for the first 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Morning sickness, what a misleading name.  There are some people who might feel like total crap only in the morning. Other people, it’s just the evening. For a lucky few of us it’s all day long.  Yipee.

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The Honeymoon is Over

It started at about 7 weeks.  Morning sickness symptoms began. I was nauseous ALL…THE…TIME.  From the moment I woke up to the moment I fell asleep.  Notice I did not say the moment I went to bed. Lying down did not help.  Nor did the fact that my husband tosses and turns in his sleep. His fidgeting made me seasick.  We were 7 weeks married and I kicked him out of our bed. He slept in the guest room until this horrific period passed.

Some people said I had it so bad because I was having a girl and our hormones clashed.  That’s a load of bull. Nothing predicts gender. My mom had three girls and no morning sickness symptoms.  It was kind of funny (and kinda annoying) how perplexed she was by how bad I felt.

It’s Only for the First Trimester

I was told over and over that it would end once I was in my second trimester.  Nope. Twelve weeks came and went and I still felt awful. It was at around 17 weeks that it started easing up and 18 weeks when it was totally gone.  

If you are one of the most unlucky pregnant ladies on earth it can last your whole pregnancy.  The idea gives me nightmares.

On the bright side, morning sickness symptoms can only last nine months.  Of course that’s when sleep deprivation kicks in, but let’s not think about that now.

Tackle Morning Sickness Symptoms

Let’s think about what helps.  To be completely honest, nothing made my symptoms go away completely.  There were just things that made the nausea fade into the background.

Anti-Nausea Pills

These little beauties are prescribed by your OB.  They helped a lot. They were the number one weapon in my arsenal.  I still didn’t feel great when taking them, but I felt better than total and complete crap.  More like medium crap.

Some people want to stay 100% drug free during pregnancy.  I get that. It was initially a goal of mine too. But, if you can’t function because you are so nauseous you might want to consider it.  At least talk to your OB and see what he/she says.


morning sickness symptoms apple

Don’t ask me why.  I don’t have the faintest idea why apples were one of the few foods I could eat.  Several friends lived on apples for their first trimesters too.

Apples are the A in the  BRAT diet. Bananas, rice and toast are the other three. Pediatricians recommend these foods for kids with upset stomachs. Give them a try. The only thing I could always eat was an apple.  The other three were hit and miss.

Gummy Worms

The magic of sugar.  This is one of the few times in life you should feel free to eat as much of it as you want.  For me, sugar has always helped settle my stomach. Gummy worms in particular seem to have a soothing effect.  I usually like the sour worms ones as well as the plain ones, but not when pregnant. Plain all the way. If sour works for you, go for it!


Specifically Premium Minis Saltine Crackers.  In our household we call them stress crackers.  When my husband comes home and sees me eating a box of saltines, he knows I’m not a happy woman.  I kept a box by my favorite chair and by the bed at all times. Keeping something small on your stomach is supposed to help.  Since that plan worked sometimes, I kept them handy.

Preggie Pops

These little gems are drug free and made with essential oils.  They come as lollipops or as drops. Like the gummy worms, they gave me a bit of relief while sucking on them.  

Sleep or Not Moving an Inch

Sleep is glorious.  It is so restorative.  Sleep as much as you possibly can.  However, one of the many joys of morning sickness is that the nausea can keep you awake.  It’s hard to feel relaxed and drift off when you feel so sick. So, don’t even try.

When I was trying to settle down to sleep and I found a position where I felt decent, I froze.  I ended up in some weird positions. But at least I felt like I was in control for a moment. And that little bit of control helped me drift off.

You’ll Make It

In the long run, your morning sickness is unique to you and to this particular pregnancy.  Do whatever works for you. I had gummy worms, vanilla pudding and an apple for lunch for weeks.  Not a healthy or well rounded meal, but it got me some calories and some relief. That’s the goal.  You’ll make it through. It’s worth the suffering at the end.


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